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Kirby: Super Tuff Pink Puff

The Kirby SuperStar Ultra sagas from the game! Of course, with my "twists" and "shenanigans" added. Hope you enjoy! =D

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: What is your webcomic about?

@: Ever played Kirby Superstar Ultra? You know all the stories that game features then (hopefully). I'm arranging all of those in a webcomic!

FAQ #2: When do you update?

@: When I have time, of course...

FAQ #3: Where do you get your sprites and BGs?

@: I get it from this website here! Credit goes to the ones who ripped these sprites/BGs used in this comic. However, there are some BGs (and sprites) that haven't been posted online, so I have to "rip" them myself using�well, isn't it obvious? (Yes, I'm not typing that here.)

FAQ #4: How did you make these different pages (characters, FAQ, etc.)?

@: I'm sure you could figure that out by typing it into a seach engine, like Google! Nah, I'm kidding fellas =D. This website is what I used. Looks confusing, but you'll get the hang of it!

FAQ #5: What programs do you use to make your strips?

@: First off, I have a Dell Inspiron 1764 (Laptop) with an intelCORE-i5, running off of Windows 7 Home Premium as its OS (not that that really maters). I use MS Paint (that comes with it), the internet, and Macromedia Flash Professional 8. There are tutorials on the web (mainly Youtube) if you need any help running any of these [hopefully not the internet, though]!

FAQ #6: How did you come up with the character names?

@: I used the process we call "thinking." But each name has some sort of significance that I wouldn't mind sharing with you if you asked.

FAQ #7: What if I have any additional questions?

@: If it's about something in the comic, a good posting of the comment is ok. If about anything else (like help with something), you could always PM.


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